At Thanet Tuition we only employ competent hard working tutors with years of experience. We work hard to select our tutors so you do not have to! 


Simon is our most experienced tutor. He works in a school in Ashford but lives in Broadstairs. He has extensive experience teaching Kent Test, GCSEs and A Levels. Simon last year saw over 15 students succesfully through their Kent Test. Simon Specialises in Kent Test, GCSE and A-level Maths. Simon also has a great deal of experience working with adult learners wanting to gain their GCSEs or Maths equivalencies. Simon also works as an EBT in his school and has held the position for over 4 years, this has provided him with extensive knowledge of teacher training routes.


Mel is a very experienced older teacher. She works very hard to ensure all her students have the best possible outcomes. She is a testiment to private tutition and comes very highly recommended. Mel specialises in key stage 3, 4 and 5 (including GCSE and A-Level) Science.



Charlie is a very hard working experienced teacher. He prides himself on differentitating his teaching to suit every child. Charlie specialises in key stage 3, 4 and 5 (inclduing GCSE and A-Level) English.



Natasha is our newest tutor at Thanet Tuition. Natasha read a Maths and Economics Degree at Sheffield University and has a proven track record in developing progress in A level Maths. Natasha, through Knowledge developed keeping accounts for her family's Segway Hire company, is on track to become a Chartered accountant by June 2018. 


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