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What is The 11+ Exam?

The Kent Test, also known as the 11+ is an exam that students take at the beginning their last year in Primary school. This test allows them to gain entrance to the exclusive grammar school of their choosing. 

The majority of children will be 10 year olds when they have to take the exam. This is why it is named the 11+, referring to the entrance age of children entering grammar school, 11 and over.

Now, there are only 164 grammar schools left in England. In addition, Northern Ireland discontinued the use of the 11+ exam in 2008, as a standard for entrance to Grammar School.

The rate of qualification for this exam varies widely throughout the country. For instance, areas like Kingston and Sutton, with only four grammar schools, have a low pass rate of around three percent, due to the fact that they attract several thousand applicants for just a handful of spots. Whereas areas like Buckinghamshire, where the grammar system has been retained in full, have a considerably higher pass rate of approximately thirty percent.

The 11+ exam can assess each student in up to four different subjects, non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning, English, and mathematics. The combination of these subjects on the exam varies around the country. 


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